Simple online and off line marketing strategy for photographer

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marketing strategies for photographers
Many of the photographers spend too much time editing their photos instead of promoting their business. They remain busy only for a season, but the rest of the year, they remain jobless. Whereas I know some photographers who are booked for the entire year. They are very busy throughout the whole year. Then, what’s the secret behind their endless engagement?

Nothing spectacular, you don't need to spend much time to edit if you outsource your photo editing works. You can spend free time for marketing your photography business and surely it will help you to boost up your business up to the desired level. Just you need to follow some simple strategies for your photography business marketing.

Online marketing strategy for photographers

online marketing for photographers
Online marketing or you can call it digital marketing is one of the best methods to make known the mass people about your photography business. It is here very easy to reach a good number of people within a very short time and the visitors also can send you their real feedback. You can know the actual fact about your business quickly from the online marketing and can take necessary steps to upgrade it. In case of this marketing, the photographer should follow some processes to stand out of all others.

Make a Website:

At the very first, as a photographer you should build a great looking website with portfolio. The site should go with your photography topic. You should add many menus-buttons for the specific category of the photos such as, events or wedding photography, baby photography, product photography and so on. Then, make a nice looking photo gallery. You can use NextGen, a WordPress plugin for photography website, to give your visitors an eye soothing view. Make your website mobile friendly so that your visitors can visit from everywhere whenever they want.

Involve in Social Media:

Social media marketing for photographer
You have to share the detail news and views about your business with your visitors cum clients in the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. These media are now-a-days playing the most vital role regarding sales and marketing. To race with the contemporary social media marketing strategies, perform some certain tasks such as:
  • attach social media sharing button on your website
  • share all of your social media usernames on visiting card brochure, etc
  • create YouTube video to welcome the visitors to your page
  • share experience, the story behind photography, give them tips & tricks
  • create resourceful boards in Pinterest, post quote and see who’s pinning you
  • use Facebook ad campaign and run a contest.
Social media marketing is a wider concept. There are plenty of methods that you should follow to be successful here. You have to share your best photos on social sites. You should share really useful content that may be text, video and other contents so that your reader take you as a friend, a teacher or an instructor. However, perform some additional things for connecting more traffic to your business, for instance: 
  • make filmy photos using software like Lightroom
  • create infographic with engaging data for public interest
  • create informative video tutorial for YouTube
  • develop a custom landing page,
  • check out for other photographers to be trendy and so on
  • write list post with specific number such as top 5, 7, 10 etc. with useful data


You can use blog as one of your powerful tools for photography marketing. A well written text content will help you to catch the attention of more people. If you can write informative and useful content, the visitors will come to your site consistently and it will enhance the possibility of conversion. A perfect blog post will present you to the customers as a busy and experienced photographer. It will improve your SEO ranking, keyword ranking, back linking, which result your website in the first page during a google search. Once you can do so that means too many traffic and conversion in your site. 

Email Marketing:

This is another useful tool you can use for your photography marketing. Make a list of active email of your target clients collecting by the landing page and send Email to them informing what new product or thing you are offering. Send them greetings on special occasion and thus maintain a virtual relation with your customers.

Offline Marketing strategy for photographers

 off line marketing strategy for photographer

All above are about online or digital marketing, but besides these, there is another effective marketing way which can be categorized as offline marketing. If you don’t think of online marketing, then the rest is offline marketing. It is almost local marketing within your surroundings where you live. As a photographer, you have a lot to do regarding this marketing for enhancing your business arena.

You should arrange public meet up or exhibitions for showing your photos to your target clients. Inform the visitors about the image, story behind it, share experience and tips to the new comers, arrange contest and prizes. Present your popular photographs to the famous persons.

For local marketing purpose, you can sponsor local sports team, cover various sports events and present the photos to the teams, decorate your vehicle with your business logo and banner, make calendar and gift as a new year greeting and so on.

In addition, you can host party or cultural event, offer great looking business cards, apply for business awards, write press release, write for magazine, etc. You can also offer free consultancy, training session, entrepreneurs meet up, etc.
In fine, if you follow the online and offline marketing strategies for your photography business, it would be easy for you to achieve your target clients and finally to boost the business. After getting success from here, you can apply advanced or paid marketing strategies to scale your business up to the level. 

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